Take Care of Your Baby with These Baby Products

Being a mother is a magnificent thing and an incredible delight. Dealing with an infant is no problem; it is diligent work and can cost you a considerable measure of cash. By keeping your infant perfect and sound can help moms to bring up solid youngsters. There are an assortment of items that can be utilized to deal with your child by keeping them solid and sound.

As a retailer of child items it is critical to stock up on a wide range of infant cleaning items. There are various types of items to browse. We make a scope of infant items for fragile and delicate bodies. Infant Shampoo, for instance, is exceptionally made for gentler hair and touchy skin.

For washing, Bath Time Oil with chamomile quiets your infant, particularly during the evening. Alongside this shower oil, it is prescribed to utilize a salve to rub infant’s fragile and delicate skin in the wake of a prolonged day of being passed from arm to arm. Infant jam can likewise be utilized to saturate your child’s skin. There are many variations that can be kept in stock. All these infant jams come in various sizes for the mother’s accommodation. A few moms incline toward Just for Baby Aqueous Cream as it is a delicate cream lotion.


Baby towels another infant item that moms adoration to use as it gives babies an ideal aroma. Baby products like Cologne can likewise be utilized in addition to it is reasonable for touchy skin. Watching over your infant is simple in the event that you have the right infant items to clean and deal with them.

Keep in mind that children likewise require expendable nappies as it is helpful, simple to utilize and discard. These nappies are accessible in an assortment of sizes and are effortlessly stuffed for mother’s benefit. The Pampers assortment is accessible in enormous packs, Cuddlers nappies is accessible in quality packs and Co-zee comes in packs of ten. A few nappies are supplied with infant wipes that can be utilized to wipe their bottoms after a nappy change.

14469534_1829078980644517_644254898315621720_nKids Bedding items likewise should be in stock as a child ordinarily drinks from it unless mother picks to breastfeed. Ensure that there is sufficient stock by checking with your neighborhood wholesaler. You can likewise spare by purchasing in mass and passing the saving money on to the moms. To stock up on all these infant items will help moms to discover everything that they need under one rooftop.


Why Should You Buy Your Baby Products Online, Rather Than Offline?

Prior to the web was an asset that the whole world had entry to – and notwithstanding amid its newborn child years – in the event that you needed to purchase new infant items for your infant, your sole alternative was to stroll into a shop that sold infant items, investigated what they brought to the table and gave over the cash for the items you needed.

Once the web formed into the asset it has today, where it is necessary to numerous individuals’ everyday lives, the whole way that shopping was completed was upset, with many organizations opening their online entryways, including those offering child items.

While there is still a specific measure of anxiety from a few people about shopping on the web, there are millions who use it consistently for their shopping needs.

With regards to purchasing infant items, notwithstanding, the online retailers are some of the time shied far from, as naturally, guardians need to guarantee that the items they’re purchasing are the ones that are most suited to their requirements and which are best for their youngsters, frequently done as such by seeing them first.

Be that as it may, purchasing online carries with it various awesome advantages and in all actuality, there isn’t any genuine motivation behind why you shouldn’t purchase on the web. You can find various types of Customised Quilt on our website.

Take the point above for instance.

Because you can’t physically touch the thing before you purchase it on the web, it doesn’t imply that when you hand your cash over, you need to purchase that item and keep it.

You can buy Hooded Towel online from many ecommerce websites. In the event that your buy isn’t precisely as portrayed – in spite of the fact that you ought to have the capacity to get an awesome thought heretofore, because of numerous sites utilizing various top notch pictures demonstrating the diverse points of each item – you’re well inside your rights to send it back.


Besides, online retailers have a ‘no inquiries asked’ approach with regards to returning buys, insofar as they’re returned in the very same condition that they were sent to you, which means you could purchase something, observe it and on the off chance that it’s not reasonable, send it back.

Another phenomenal perspective about purchasing your infant items online is that as most mums and fathers are needing to guarantee they get the most ideal worth for cash, you can for the most part get less expensive infant items online than you can disconnected.

The explanation for this is not just do online organizations frequently have littler overheads than their disconnected partners, yet a fast hunt in Google will all the time raise markdown vouchers and cash off coupons – they may not be instantly accessible on the organization’s site itself, however a look in a pursuit ought to convey a voucher or coupon up to spare you no less than somewhat additional cash. You can buy various products like Cot Bumper from Little West Street at reasonable prices.


Purchasing online is as protected as it has ever been and with the various advantages that are accessible, there truly is no motivation behind why you shouldn’t purchase your infant items on the web.

Parent’s Guide to Buying Baby Products Online

Purchasing child items online may appear like an overwhelming assignment to you, particularly in case you’re a first-time guardian. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you shop in an arranged way, internet shopping can turn out to be charming and moderate to you. Whether you’re expecting a little dear baby soon or sooner rather than later, take after these ten tips when shopping child items online and appreciate an anxiety free and delightful shopping knowledge.

Make a List:


As a first-time parent, the most importantly thing you need to do is to make a complete rundown of all the essential things that you’ll need in the beginning of your infant. On the off chance that you don’t do as such, you could wind up overlooking things, as well as could wind up purchasing a great deal of pointless things. So to ensure you’ll not overlook any of the child essentials, keep yourself composed with a helpful agenda that makes web shopping a breeze. Making a list of things you need like Personalised Towels etc. will really help you a lot.

Compare and Save:

Before you’re going to purchase an item on the web, keep in mind to think about its rates crosswise over various online stores to get it at the most reduced value conceivable. Something else, after some time, you may get yourself stayed with crazy charge card expenses and punishments. Since various online stores offer the same item at various costs, it must be your principal need to discover where your most loved item is accessible at the least expensive cost.

Buy Only from a Reliable Store:

When you locate an online store offering your chose item at the most minimal cost anyplace, look at the notoriety and unwavering quality of that store. This is significant in light of the fact that modest doesn’t generally fundamentally mean better. There are countless stores on the web, out of which numerous offer items with deceitful plans. Be careful with them and shop just with a dependable and legitimate online store. We are one of the most reliable Kids Bedding products store online.


Save Money with Coupons, Offers, and Discounts:

When buying baby products online, take full advantage of the offers, coupons and discounts run by online retailers. Doing so will help you purchase your selected products at the lowest prices possible, which cuts your online expenditure to a great extent. Performing a quick Google search, you can easily find hundreds of coupon codes for your preferred shopping store. Another great way to keep you in tune with those exciting deals is signing up via email to receive special offers.

Finally, Be Careful When Shopping Online:

Last but certainly not least, be a safe and secure online buyer. There are numerous online threats and attacks – like Phishing, Adware, Spyware etc. – that may steal your sensitive information like your credit card number and secure password. While shopping anything online, safeguard yourself from these kinds of frauds by making sure the site you’re buying from is encrypted and certified for customers’ safety.

Get baby products online at discounted prices in India

If your wife is pregnant and then being a father you have to run around the town and it becomes your responsibility to find the best baby products. You have to sit with the elders and then make a list of baby care products. You might have to visit multiple shops for finding the new baby products and then you have to find a shop with the best discount on baby products.


This is not the end of your journey. It is just a beginning. Next, you have to find various gifting items for little ones. You have to take care of their daily needs. You have to find a baby blanket, baby swaddle, bathing products, bedding products, muslin essentials and outdoor products. All this can take a lot of your time. But you don’t have to worry now, at Little West Street get baby products online at discounted prices in India.

Online shopping of baby products has been rising tremendously since last few years. Earlier peoples were not interested in buying baby products not even offline. The reason behind this was the indigenous method of hygiene and baby care products used by the Indian families. But with the rise in a number of educated women’s the availability of new born baby care products stores have also increased their sales a lot. With these trends, many new online baby care product stores come into existence.

Little West Street is one of the leading online baby product selling company online. All our products are designed and manufactured in New York, USA. We use the best quality fabrics in the manufacturing all our products. We follow the international safety standards that help us in making sure the safety of your child. Maximum of our products is easy to wash in machines. Here is the list of things that makes our baby products different from others.

Benefit of shopping with Little West Street

  • We have created a page for tracking your orders. So it will be easy for you all to track your orders. After 1 or 2 days of placing an order, you will be able to track it. Simply log into your account (If you have created one) and track your order on Track order page.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on your email id that you need to confirm within the 24 hours of placement of order. It will help in avoiding spamming of orders.
  • All our baby care products are exclusively designed and manufactured in New York with the use of best quality fibers and best-detailed finishing is given to all the products that help in retaining luxurious finish even after years of usage. We followed international safety standards for our products that help us in creating a product that is safe for your new born baby.
  • We believe in providing solutions to the problems and all our products definitely going to make it easy for you. We pride ourselves in providing ease of care.
  • Our website is very much user-friendly, so it will surely going to help you in placing an order sitting at your home or in office.

Meet Samridhi: Founder of Little West Street

Tell us a little about you and your lovely brand little west street.

I grew up in New Delhi in a family of designers – so designing, colors; manufacturing etc. is something I grew up learning. I moved to Singapore for college where I graduated with a degree in computer engineering. Before starting Little West Street, I did my MBA in the US and worked in strategy consulting for several years. Today, I live with my husband and 2 young kids in New York. I believe all my diverse experiences and learnings over the years have connected together to enable me to start Little West Street.

Little West Street is an e-retail store providing stylish kids’ bedding and essentials. Our focus is on creating world-class designs, ensuring top-notch quality, along with making sure our products are practical and safe for children. We worry about every little detail so moms don’t have to worry about it!


What was your inspiration to start little west street? Can u give us a timeline how it started?

When I had my son (4 years ago), I moved back from the US to India for about 2 years, and struggled to find beautiful, high quality bedding and other products, which were considered essentials in the US (such as a muslin swaddles, sleep sacks). Many of the beautiful products sold around the world are made by the highly skilled, top-notch artisans of India – so it was ironic to me that we didn’t have access to such products in the Indian market.

When I returned to New York, I started working on this idea – researching the market, talking to mothers, and designing furnishings for little babies. By 2015, I had created a small team in New York, and designed several product lines. We started the manufacturing process in early 2015 – and launched the online store in Sept 2015! When I started out, I had no idea it would be what it is now, and that it would get all this love and appreciation from mothers around the world! It has been a very fulfilling journey so far, and am looking forward to the next phase of it.

Your style designing is amazing! Who designs it

Thank you for the kind words! Majority of the concepts are first created by me. Being a mother helps a lot as I can see firsthand what excites a child. I also find inspiration in everyday things – it could be a wall art, a toy, a party invitation, a story I read to my son or a cake at a b’day party! Our team of designers work together and brainstorm on each of the concepts – we think of what kids would love, what mothers would love and whether it would work based on the countries we sell it in. We brainstorm the details of the design and create mood boards for each collection. At each stage, ideas keep getting filtered out, until we are left with the ones we absolutely love. After that, we each pick the design we feel most passionate about and take it to completion.


What personal qualities do you think you need to make the business a success?

Three qualities that have helped me:

  • Positive attitude: This is the single most important criteria for success (and happiness!) – Positive thinking. I strongly believe that your thoughts shape your life. Once you have done your research, created the product and done the hard work – have belief and faith, and think of only success. As an entrepreneur, you will always have doubts, but just charge along with faith – one step at a time.
  • Do it now: Be organized, ruthlessly prioritize, and whatever is important, do it now.
  • Be open to feedback and change: There is a learning process when you start something new. You will definitely make mistakes along the way (so take that as a given), you will be required to change things – it is necessary to be open to any feedback you can get and take it as an opportunity to improve.

Where can we buy your beautiful products?

Our entire collection is available online at www.littleweststreet.com, and we currently offer free delivery across India. We are also available on several e-retailers such as The House of Things and Elitify.

We are available in select boutique stores (and expanding to more in the next few months):

New Delhi:
Manan, Shop No 6, 1st floor, Khan Market, New Delhi- 110003 (Tel No: +91-11-41757701.)

Curious Village, JMD Kohinoor Mall, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi – 110048


AA Living, 9 Nepean Sea Road, Teen Batti, Malabar Hills, Mumbai – 400006 (Tel No. +91-22-2368 3985)

What is a day in a life of you like?

Since we only officially launched 6 months back, my work day is still constantly evolving as I strive to find balance between motherhood and this new venture. I oversee every process myself to ensure we remain true to the vision of the brand.

I start work at about 5am, when I reply to emails and have meetings with my team in India to ensure the everyday process is running smoothly. Then I get my kids ready for school, and once they leave, I try to complete the priority work before they get back home – this could be connecting with our stockists or new partners, discussing manufacturing processes to managing incoming customer orders. I spend quality time with my kids in the afternoon when they return from school, and then continue my work later into the evening, where you could find me buried in excel sheets doing accounting, or on social media planning our marketing campaigns or doodling on paper designing our new collections.

How do you balance work and motherhood? Was there any point where you considered walking away from the business?

Balancing work and motherhood is one of the greatest challenges! I am a hands-on mother, and it’s very important to me to be able spend quality time with my kids – one of the key reasons why I decided to leave my job and start my own business – so I have time and flexibility to be there especially in the early formative years.

It has taken some time to create a balance – when you start a new business, it is all encompassing. I have now divided up my day up to synch with my kids’ schedule. I end up working at odd hours but I switch off at certain times of the day, for instance, when my son returns from school. I believe it’s the quality of time that matters – and it’s important to be there during certain important moments in the day. I have learnt that I need to segregate the time as much as possible, and have a realistic expectation from myself – I love this quote which is very apt for momprenuers: “You can do anything, but not everything.”

As for walking away from the business, I haven’t considered it at all. It’s like my third baby so walking away it not an option 🙂 There are difficult days and sleepless nights – but then it’s also extremely fun and fulfilling.

Please provide one marketing tip that can really help a mom business owner?

Once you have a good product or service, the key is to get the word out there – make sure your customers know about you! The first step is to create brand awareness so grab every opportunity to get the name of your brand out there. Sales will come later, but first it’s important that people know about your brand.

There are lots of ways to market (without spending too much money) – get help from family and friends – send them a personal note on your new business and request them to forward the information to their circles. Send emails to your broad circle of friends requesting feedback and ideas, send out sample of your products to potential customers in your circle, and make full use of social media – such as Instagram and Facebook (e.g. groups). You have to really keep at it to get the word out there – you can’t do it for some time, and then give a big gap. Create a weekly process on how you will market your business and make sure to set aside the time to do it consistently.

Suggest an idea or a trick that has made your parenting easier 🙂

I am always on the lookout for simple, engaging toddler activities, which I keep in the back of my mind. Whenever my son starts to get upset or is about to throw a tantrum, I “surprise” him with this new activity idea to channel his energy onto that instead. These activities could be writing a short letter to a friend across the country, or designing a heart-shaped card or planning a project where he can learn about different topics such as a country, or the space! These activities take 10-15mins to complete but calm him down easily, thus making it a lot easier for me!






Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Parents

How fun occasion as a mother gets all set to bring forth her new infant when cherished kinds accumulate to indicate by an infant shower in her honor. Infant time in the shower is typically given everywhere from a couple of months to a few weeks ahead of the enormous event. An infant shower great thing is brought by just about every person going to the Baby Shower Gift. These blessings may be something for both the inexperienced parents and perhaps the infant. There will be numerous blessing thoughts that you might pick. In the event that everything else fails, gets the assistance from a great expert deals agent pertaining to thoughts. On the different hand in the function that you should favor, you can shop online intended for the ideal blessing and have it delivered straight to the folks.


Although numerous folks know early on, what the sexual alignment is of the arriving child, you will find those who like to endure right up until the real conception. Together with the shower welcome, is actually a declaration of the intimate orientation of the infant’s sex? This will very likely make the blessing getting prepare much less stressful. With the world easily available, the rundown is usually interminable of the items you might buy because an infant shower true blessing.

At the point whenever buying child shower present for a young female, hues will dependably possess gigantic influence in benefits decisions. Thoughts might include really pastel apparel and little dolls and blameless things. Its dependable a fairly easy wins to adopt after the pink attire thought. Fresh lady apparel is consequently beautiful nowadays. Pink can be not by any means the only shading decision. Different hues might include white, yellow, lavender and lightweight green. An authentic decent blessing could get giving the little beautiful attendant another extravagant costume. This could be of assistance to the people financially and in addition, help to make the child young female look charming. Other toddler shower blessing thoughts can incorporate minimal squishy toys and games and be learning toys. Quite a few toy decisions are individuals which help the toddler to hook up with her reality.

Similarly as with young ladies, infant small men might likewise receive dress as a baby shower blessing thought. Help to make sure to pick almost all garments and extras in boyish hues, for the occasion, blue, green and jeans. Yellow might likewise fill out the length of the thing in planned in view of a youngster. Young men don’t put on unsettles and decorations. Various other blessing thoughts could include things, for example, containers, shoes, socks, toys and rattles. A marvelous notion is to get a tiny tuxedo set with minimal cowhide shoes for these early pictures. Continuously a magnificent decision is usually to provide the little fellow playthings that help him to adapt and relate to his new world.

Choose Your New Born Baby Gifts From Little West Street Online Baby Store!

Moms and dads are too delighted for inviting brand-new participant in the house so prior to they are birthed moms and dads start collecting things for them. Inviting a baby in your home always excites parents therefore they start preparing points for the new participant. Pals loved ones, family members all think about the gifts that they could purchase for that brand-new participant. Acquiring a gift for the brand-new birthed is consistently an enjoyable point to do. Great deals of options of Baby Gifts are available on on-line infant shop.


These presents are intended to be taken keeping the baby psychological. The newborns are really fragile therefore presents for them must be something that does not harm them in anyway. Baby Gifts need to be something with interesting or attractive colors and also which does not make difficult noise as well as scare the more youthful one.

Gifting season starts from the day of baby shower and also continues. Close friend, relatives, family every person gifts quickly to be parent’s gifts for their baby. Taking present for a youngster is all together a total different encounter. Many colors, so many points to purchase as well as every little thing, is so adorable therefore attractive, sometimes we seem like getting every little thing. However one should maintain kid’s age and his demands and his safety in mind and then chose something which fits the best for the younger one. An additional option today offered is to give a gift voucher of any sort of store to the mommy so that she can go purchase points for her infant whatever she intends to as well as nobody understands a baby more than his mommy.

Being a parent is one of the loveliest quests for a person’s life, parents consistently want to maintain their baby secure from every problem, and so they want points, which are not dangerous to them. These presents can include numerous kinds’ infant feeder collection which consists of bottles, canteen, brushes etc. You can additionally gift a baby cosmetic collection, which consists of oils, lotions, creams, etc. Outfits, baby carpets, coverings, bed spread etc are likewise terrific gifts for babies. Kids’ toys are likewise available in the market which is soft and risk-free for babies. Music CD’s as well as DVD’s are also available which obtained low as well as soft lullabies which can aid them to fall asleep. While choosing a Baby Present shades need to likewise be born in mind. There are many alternatives for a male as well as a female one. For that reason, even gender ought to also be remembered while choosing gift for the more youthful ones. There are numerous options for purchasing a baby gift, however selecting the best depends on you. Select your Infant gift with treatment and also keep your infant grinning and safe constantly.